Kannikha’s Camera is one of those creative projects that I have always wanted to do, but never found a good platform to display my photographs how I like it to be. Now, with this blog, I am able to unleash my pet phoenix.

I am Kannikha and I use my Camera.

All the pictures I take, I like it how it looks. I don’t like to modify it in any way (using modification softwares), except adding my name to the pictures. I post the photographs how they were naturally taken, because that captures the essence of the scene for eternity.

The photographs always portray the settingsĀ as how they were: bright light, dull light, cloudy, rainy, sunshine, shaky pictures, snow, solitude, crowd, melancholy, nostalgia, joy, happiness etc.,

Just like hot food straight out of the kitchen, I like to keep my photographs as they are. Just like how people and life are as they are. Everything is perfect the way they are. No labels, modification and discrimination needed to enjoy a good photographical setting.

Enjoy the views through my eyes. I welcome any comments and thoughts you might have!